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Cherry Wine Hemp

The Hemp Plant

The first thing you need to know about the Cherry Wine strain is that it contains zero to <.3% THC and around 10%CBD. This is extremely important because it makes the flower legal to purchase and the high hemp content will really give you more of the health benefits. 

The Looks of our Hemp

The first thing you will notice about the Cherry Wine Strain is that it is extremely beautiful. The buds are fluffy and dense with the right amount of green color and orange hairs. The overall crystallization of buds doesn’t hurt the appearance either. The buds also contain little to no seeds, which is a good and bad thing. Some people like to collect the seeds so they can grow their own crops. However, others feel like the seeds take away from the overall fulfillment of the buds. We can certainly sell you seeds if you like, but we will try our best to not sell you flower with seeds.

The Hemp Smell

Cherry Wine certainly is an enticing name and it certainly has a smell that goes along with it. The sweet cherry dominates the smell, but there are hints of cheese and black pepper that can be found in there as well. The terpenes in this strain really make the smell live and potent. The most dominant terpenes that can be found within the Cherry Wine strain are Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and Gerynal Acetate. You will really notice the smell come to life when you start breaking up the sticky buds.

The Benefits Of Cherry Wine Hemp

The Cherry Wine strain will provide the user with a relaxing body buzz that is accompanied with intoxicating and euphoric effects. This is not only extremely relaxing, but it can provide relief for certain conditions. The best thing about this strain is its low THC content. The content is so low that you won’t even get a psychoactive effect when you are consuming this strain. So, you basically can reap all the natural benefits without experiencing those unwanted psychoactive effects.

The Side Effects Of Cherry Wine Hemp

The great thing about hemp flower is that they come along with little to no side effects. That being said there have been some individuals that have experienced side effects when smoking the Cherry Wine strain. These side effects consisted of lightheadedness, nausea, stomach irritation, and a rise in blood pressure.

Mountain Mango Hemp

Mountain Mango is some of the sweetest hemp we’ve tasted! Mountain Mango has beautiful aroma of sweet tropical fruit. It is a very tasty and pleasant high, featuring relaxing indica like effects. Muscle tension will disappear and help you unwind after a long day. The taste of fruit carries through wonderfully while providing a smooth smoke adding to an already pleasurable smoking experience.

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