Glass Tea Infuser

Grassroot, INC

Double walled technology for insulation, glass tea infuser

Metal screen to separate the tea

Easy to Clean

Instruction for use - Add 1-2 teaspoons Hemp tea to bottom of the glass bottle. Also, include 1 teaspoon of your favorite fatty substance i.e, butter, coconut oil, MCT. People often ask why you need to add the fatty substance? The real reason is that CBD won't remove itself from the hemp plant with just hot water. The CBD will attach to the fat in butter or oil. Once the 10 minutes has passed all the CBD has left the Hemp plant and is now floating around your tea, being attached to the fat. When we consume the tea, our body uses the fat as the carrier and begins extracting the CBD from the fat and using it in a positive way.

Now add boiling water and let steep for approx 10 minutes. If using our supplied Glass tea infuser you are ready to put the mesh screen in and start drinking. The screen keeps the plant material below and out of your teeth:)

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